BLS Ambulances:

BLS 14-51

BLS 14-51 is a 2008 Braun Ambulance on a diesel powered E-350 chassis with custom four-wheel-drive drive train and a modified suspension.  This is our dedicated first out ambulance in inclimate weather conditions during the winter months.  


BLS 14-52

BLS 14-52 is a 2003 Braun Ambulance on a diesel powered E-350 chassis.  This is our secondary ambulance for advanced life support calls.

BLS 14-53

BLS 14-53 is a 2016 Osage Type III Warrior model ambulance on an E350 gasoline chassis.  It is our first out ambulance for advanced life support calls as it provides the most room and smoothest ride for advanced procedures paramedics may have to perform.  This vehicle replaced the 1985 BLS 14-55.

Rescue Vehicles:

Rescue 145 (14-56)

Rescue 145 (14-56) is a 1997 Central States Fire Apparatus rescue vehicle on a diesel powered International 4900 chassis. It is equipped with an assortment of extrication, rope rescue, and fire support tools. Hydraulic tools include a Holmatro spreader, cutter, Combi-tool, and two rams. An assortment of high pressure airbags for lifting and stabilizing heavy objects and various sized wooden block cribbing for stabilization are located in the central and side compartments. Air powered cutting tools, various hand tools such as sockets and screw drivers, GlasMaster extrication tools, a battery powered reciprocating saw, and a corded reciprocating saw assist in rescue operations. Powering the electrical appliances on the vehicle is a 25 kW Winco PTO generator. Scene lighting is provided by a Command Light Tower and side and rear mounted 12 volt and 500 watt halogen scene lights along with two removable tripod scene lights mounted in the rear. In order to provide remote power to equipment located a distance from the vehicle, two 200 feet extension cables on electrically power rewinding reels were installed. Fire support equipment includes a 12 bottle, 4500 PSI cascade system, one of the largest in the county, with a Sierra Air Booster. With this configuration we can fill roughly 500 high pressure SCOTT air bottles. We also use this system to power our air tools. Other fire support equipment includes chairs and tables, bottled water, and an EZ Up Instant Shelter, all used in post fire operations rehabilitation for firefighters. Mounted on the front of the vehicle is a Federal Q siren and a 10 ton 12 volt DC winch. Inside the cab are 5 handheld lights.

Water Rescue 145 (14-57)


Water Rescue 145 (14-57) is a 2008 diesel powered Ford F-350 four-wheel-drive chassis with a Warner body. Located on the racks above the Extendo Bed Heavy Duty truck bed are two Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 rescue kayaks (the only in the county) and a Stokes rescue basket. During the summer months, a floating backboard and various sized personal flotation devices are stored in the bed, while in the winter months, an ice water rescue sled is included. Located on the front of the vehicle is a Warn winch. In the side compartments of the vehicle body are rescue dry suits, multiple cold weather survival suits, two Mustang Survival Ice Commander ice water rescue suits, several wet suits, rescue fins, water shoes, and rope bags. In the cab are three handheld lights. Scene lighting is provided by two Xenon lights mounted on pivots at the rear of the body.

Marine 145

Marine 145 is a RescueONE connector boat equipped with a true 40 horsepower jet motor. Seatool boxes offer storage for ropes, PFDs, and rescue cans, and are also used for flotation and seating.  Marine 145 is equipped with a mobile radio and long range antenna to communicate with shore command and other vessels on the water, along with emergency lighting for high visibility. Mounted to the front of the boat is a rescue platform designed to facilitate easy transfer from water to boat for both the rescue swimmer and the patient.

Marine 145-2

Marine 145-2 is an inflatable Defender boat equipped with a 25 horsepower Mercury propeller motor. This is our second due rescue boat, as it is more difficult to transfer patients and swimmers from the water to the boat due to the lack of a deployable platform. This boat is most often used at standbys or when operations require the use of a boat with a very shallow draft, e.g. flooded areas.

Gator 145

Gator 145 is a 2012 John Deere TH 6x4 gasoline powered all-terrain vehicle equipped with a MEDLITE MedBed. The MedBed allows a Stokes basket and backboard to be attached to the Gator in order to safely evacuate patients from remote locations. Equipped to the front of the Gator is a winch used to free the vehicle in the event it becomes stuck. The Gator seats three crew members, two in the front and one in the back, and one patient. The main purpose of our Gator is for off-road rescue, but has also been utilized as a search and rescue tool for missing persons and to ferry equipment to scenes, such as large fires, where there are simply too many materials for people to effectively carry.

First Response Vehicle:

Car 145

Car 145 is a 2014 gasoline powered Chevy Tahoe first responder car. It carries a jump bag and AED along with incident management equipment such as tags, used in mass casualty incidents, and documentation books. There are two radio heads in the vehicle, one in the front for use while operating the vehicle and one in the back for use by the incident commander. Car 145 is the other vehicle used to tow Gator 145 and our boats.  It is also used as transportation for additional man power to the scene, or during the day time when paid ambulance 27-51 is first due.

All of our vehicles are equipped with both a first out jump bag and an AED. Included in the jump bag are airway management tools, a D sized oxygen tank, three types of oxygen delivery devices, various bandages, oral glucose, a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, gloves, and normal saline and sterile water for irrigation purposes.

Retired Vehicles

BLS 14-55

BLS 14-55 is a 1985 Braun Ambulance on a 2000 diesel powered E-350 chassis and equipped with a Hurst Combination hydraulic extrication tool along with two tripod scene lights.  The box portion of the ambulance was in service for 31 years!  This vehicle was retired in March 2016.